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MRC Honor Roll & Hall of Fame The MRC is proud to have an Honor Roll and Hall of Fame to acknowledge the  accomplishments of our members' Rottweilers.

MRC Hall of Fame and Honor Roll Nomination Form Rev_7-2-12

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Congratulations to all of our Inductees!

(Reprinted from the 20th Anniversary Book)

“In 1978 the MRC inaugurated an Honor Roll and Hall of Fame designed to mark the special achievements of its members’ dogs. The awards are calculated according to a system of points which take into consideration, primarily, three areas of performance: training, showing, and breeding. It is possible for a dog to be entered into the Hall of Fame as a result of good performance in all three areas, or as a result of superior performance in only one area.  The first certificates for the Honor Roll and the awards for the Hall of Fame dogs were presented at the dinner after the MRC Specialty on June 10, 1978.  While making these awards to MRC members, we realize that there are many more Rottweilers in this country who have achievements equal to or surpassing our point requirements.

We also realize that our Hall of Fame Rottweilers did not reach this pinnacle of achievements “untouched by human hands!”  We therefore acknowledge and commend the care and consideration, plus the time and work, which has been put into these fine representatives of the breed by their owners and breeders.  We sincerely regret that we have to limit our awards to dogs owned by current MRC members.  Members must maintain membership in the Medallion Rottweiler Club for five consecutive years prior to submitting an application for a dog to be considered for the Hall of Fame or Honor Roll programs.

The MRC Board of Directors appointed two committees over the past two years to restructure the Honor Roll and Hall of Fame awards program.  The committee members were tasked with updating the point schedule to reflect the new AKC titles that have become available over the past several years since the program was originated.  The committees also worked on readjusting points for all eligible titles to reflect the level of difficulty to attain them.  The Board would like to thank 2008 Chair Becky Kucharski, Cindy Mann, Cindy Childers and Donna Weilert and 2009 Chair Cindy Mann, Tracy McMahon and Marilyn Blenz for their diligent and time-consuming efforts on behalf of the club.  Well done all!