Public Education Service Award

The intent of this yearly award is to honor the MRC Member or Members who have served the breed as well as the Club through public education and activities. Individuals must be nominated. Nominations are to be sent to one of the members of the PESA Committee (listed below) and must substantiate what the nominee has done to promote the Rottweiler in a positive manner.

A nominee must be an MRC member for consecutive five years and only members in good standing will be considered. When making the final selection, the Committee will keep in mind that there are two parts to be considered….the quantitative and qualitative. If, in the opinion of the Committee, there are two equally deserving individuals who meet all of the criteria, two awards will be presented that year. In the case of a husband and wife, only one plaque will be given. The maximum number of awards to be presented in any given year will be two.

An individual may receive the MRC Public Education Service Award only once. If no nominations are received by the Committee, no award will be presented that year. All submissions/records will be kept by the Committee for auditing purposes. The cut off date for submissions is September 1st.

Past MRC Public Education Service Award recipients are:

2016 Les and Allison Lukasziewski
2015 Dr. Tommy Caisango
2014 Arthur Twiss
2013 Joan Mazat
2012 Eleanor Jackson and Lew Olson
2011 Pam Grant and Susan Rademacher
2010 Cindy Mann
2009 Joan Klem
2008 No Award Given
2007 Cindy Childers
2006 Karen Perry
2005 Grace Acosta
2004 Becky Kucharski
2003 Karyn Janulis
2002 Nanette Kirby
2001 Information not available
2000 Steve Monyko and Mary Ann Morrison

MRC Public Education Award Committee:

Eleanor Jackson, Chair

Cindy Childers

Karyn Janulis

July 22, 2017