By the early 1990's, it became popular to create unique logos for specialty shows. For the MRC, this soon morphed into creating themes for the specialties with a logo to reflect that theme. This page takes a look at the logos from current back to around 1990.

Tracking Mug 35 yrs35 Yrs of Tracking Logo - artist Mindy Remley

2015 Carting Logo ps2015 Carting Test Logo - artist Francine Lee

Generic Carting Logo psMRC Carting Logo - artist Francine Lee

2015 was a big year for the MRC. It hosted a Carting Test organized and chaired by Marianne Noble and it celebrated 35 years of Tracking.

2015 logo Final2015 Specialty Logo - artist Francine Lee

Specialty 2014 Hi Res 22014 Specialty Logo - artist Francine Lee

2013 color Specialty logo2013 Specialty Logo - artist Linda Garvie

2013 Catalog Cover2013 Show Catalog

The logos for the 2014 and 2015 Specialties were designed by MRC member, Francine Lee. The 2013 logo was designed by Linda Garvie. Her husband, Jim, was the show photographer.

MRC 2012 Specialty Logo2012 Specialty Logo

2012 Catalog Cover2012 Show Catalog

2011 Specialty - Color22011 Specialty Logo

2011 Catalog Cover2011 Show Catalog

2012 marked the first year that the MRC held back-to-back specialties and cleverly used the double header theme. The 2011 logo reflected that the MRC Specialty was headed back to Illinois after spending a few years between Indiana and Winconsin. Divider

2010 LOGO sm22010 Specialty Logo

2010 Catalog Cover2010 Show Catalog

MRC 2009 Logo 0032009 50th Anniversary Specialty Logo - artist Jeanne Flora

2009 Catalog Cover2009 Show Catalog


MRC '08 logo 0022008 Specialty Logo

2008 Catalog Cover

2008 Show Catalog

2007 Jefferson, WI logo copy2007 Specialty Logo

2007 Catalog Cover2007 Show Catalog


2006 Specialty Logo2006 Specialty Logo - artist Jeanne Flora

2005 Specialty2005 Specialty Logo

2005 Catalog Cover2005 Show Catalog

2004 Specialty Logo2004 Specialty Logo - artist Jeanne Flora


2003 Specialty Logo2003 Specialty Logo - artist Jeanne Flora

2002 Catalog Cover2002 Show Catalog - artist Jeanne Flora

2002 Spoecialty Logo2002 Specialty Lapel Pin

2001 MRC Specialty Logo2001 Specialty Logo


2000 Specialty Logo2000 Specialty Lapel Pin - artist Susan Goare

2000 Catalog Cover2000 Show Catalog

1999 Specialty Logo1999 Specialty Logo - signed reproduction by artist Jeanne Flora

1999 Catalog Cover1999 Show Catalog


1997 Specialty Logo1998 Specialty Logo - artist Jeanne Flora

1997 ARC MRC IFR Logo1997 ARC / MRC Lapel Pin - International Friends of the Rottweiler (IFR) Arc Regional Specialty & MRC Specialty Logo

1997 IFRF 1997 IFRF Neck Ribbon Medallion presented to Placements in Conformation and Obedience


1996 Specialty Logo1996 Specialty Logo

1996 MRC Specialty Logo1996 Specialty Sweatshirt

1995 Specialty Logo1995 Show Catalog

1995 Logo1995 Specialty Logo - pen & ink sketch signed by the artist, Jeanne Flora


1994 MRC Specialty Logo1994 Specialty Logo

1994 Catalog Cover1994 Show Catalog

1994 Specialty Lapel Pin1994 Specialty Lapel Pin


1993 MRC 25th Anniverary Logo1993 Specialty Logo

1993 MRC 25th Anniversary pin1993 Specialty Lapel Pin

1992 Specialty Lapel Pin ps1992 Specialty Lapel Pin

1990 and 1991 Specialty Logo1990 & 1991 Specialty Logo

1991 Specialty Lapel Pin1990 & 1991 Specialty Lapel Pin

1979 MRC catalog1979 MRC Catalog Cover


We hope that you enjoyed our MRC Specialty Logos page. Many thanks to Cindy Mann, Howard Bernier and Joan Klem for contributing images throughout the years.